Distracted driving in Las Vegas is a real issue. In fact it’s an issue across the world. So the problem has increased with handheld devices and access to any information at any time. While we all know that distracted driving is not good practice, everyone feels the need to find directions, read a text or answer a call if you don’t have Bluetooth. Let’s face it, we’re all human.

New Year’s Resolution

As we enter the new decade, it’s time to take a real look at distracted driving in Las Vegas. On average, Americans drive about 29 miles per day. Breaking this down a little further, this is not all at once, so it makes up a few trips. For example, when we take a drive to work, drive home, a trip to the store and a drive thru run. All of these are accounted for in our daily driving habits. Depending on the route of travel, most Americans are not in the car for very long.

Insurance Rates

It’s a common refrain, every year we look at our insurance rates and try to find a way to cut expenses, but we look at food, entertainment and insurance.  By taking care of our personal responsibility on the road, we can become safer drivers and reduce the amount of accidents. We can also keep our families safe with better driving habits.

With safe driving apps for our phones monitoring safety, this is one way to help the cause. If everyone can reduce the amount of texting and driving they do, we can help to make the roads safer, our commute times shorter, medical bills down and overall insurance rates lower.

Tary Insurance

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