Las Vegas commercial insurance is mandated by local law. By definition, commercial insurance is meant to protect businesses, owners and employees. Most insurance policies can cover property, liability and auto fleet insurance. Of course, depending on your needs, we have the insurance policy available.

Factors Determining Insurance Rates

  1. Locations can determine the total coverage required as well as the cost associated with the policy. With multiple locations, insurance is covering more equipment, furniture and fixtures. If you have one location, the policy will be rated accordingly.
  2. Employees can greatly affect the overall price of the policy. With employees there are many factors that come into play. The type of work the employees will be performing also determines the overall policy premium. Let us know any special circumstances or duties your employees will perform.
  3. Gross Annual Revenue isn’t something you may think determines the premium but it does. The revenue provides an idea of the business size and the possible loss by determining factors. We will provide a comprehensive insurance coverage package once we know the overall scope that is required.
  4. Leasing or owning vehicles is important for an insurance agent. Each option provides different coverage options along with what coverage options are required. Vehicle insurance is evaluated based on the number of vehicles, size of the vehicles and what kind of work the vehicles perform. Once a complete picture is provided, insurance coverage can be quoted.
  5. If you lease or own the building can definitely play a factor for insurance. With leasing, the building owner and/or landlord may require certain coverage. If you are the owner and owe the bank, there may be additional requirements. In either case, we can cover you r building from unforeseen problems.

Tary Insurance

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