Home safety month happens every June. There are many safety tips available and we have assembled a few in the article. It’s important to keep safety tips handy so everyone in the house can see them.

Smoke Alarms and Fire Extinguishers

Smoke alarm batteries lose power rendering the alarm ineffective and in most cases out of operation. Check the batteries at regular intervals and test the system. Most residential smoke alarms have a test button clearly labeled on the unit.

Residential fire extinguishers can be found at your local big box store and many online retailers. While there are different type and styles, choose the fire extinguisher for basic use.


When babies and small children are in the house, cover all unused electrical outlets. This action prevents items from being placed in outlets. Often overlooked, outlet covers are easy to use.

Hot Water Heater

Hot water heater heaters are placed in areas easy to access. When a hot water heater fails, the first sign is pooling water under the heater or on the floor. Keep a drain pan under the water heater to make sure any water is collected in the pan prior to causing a larger issue. In addition, you will experience less hot water in the home and in some cases reduced water pressure.

Home Alarm System

Modern home alarm systems are easy to install and very cost effective. Most current systems operate on wifi including perimeter cameras and the main unit. Easily operated from a smart phone, a home alarm system is a great idea to protect your valuables.

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