Insurance coverage for auto accessories doesn’t need to be complicated. Creating a complete list of the items is a great way to start. It’s important to note that accessory coverage is available for automobiles and recreational vehicles (RV). Call Tary Insurance to find out what items can be covered.

With auto accessory insurance, each item must be listed individually for several reasons. First, it provides your agent with an itemized guide in case there is a claim. Second, we can get you a comparable item faster when we know the make and model to replace. If an accessory is ever changed or modified, notify Tary Insurance once it’s purchased or installed. This ensures that all lists are up to date and coverage is intact.

Auto Accessories

While there is a vast list of aftermarket auto accessories, we created a short list of common purchases. For automobiles items like bike racks, audio equipment, custom seat covers and custom body panels are typical. With a complete list, we can show you what’s covered and the additional monthly expense.

For RV’s, things like awnings, cargo carriers, electronics, bike racks, generators, and entertainment systems can be covered. Anything that was installed after the RV leaves the factory.

Some items such as outdoor furniture, portable grilles and small appliances fall under the category of personal property. These can be covered under the “contents” portion of your RV policy. A quick call and we can help you sort through the policy so you are not paying twice for the same coverage.

Tary Insurance

It’s a good idea to make sure whatever you are considering can be covered including insurance coverage for auto accessories. If you’re thinking about adding a few accessories to your vehicle or recreational vehicle, It’s Time To Call Tary. Our team provides you with a customized quote to cover your vehicles in case of an accident or theft.