Recreational vehicle insurance is a top priority for owners as well as their passengers. As an owner of a recreational vehicle, you enjoy exploring the backcountry on ATVs, snowmobiles or a motor home. It’s the perfect way to travel while experiencing new places but still getting to spend every night in your own bed. At Tary Insurance, we understand the need for an active lifestyle and the right coverage that goes with it.

Motor Homes

Enjoying the great outdoors, seeing the country side and setting up camp wherever you like are some of the great benefits to having a motor home. In a September 2020 article in the Chicago Sun Times, RV sales have increased year over year during the pandemic. The rise in sales is attributed to the virus and airline restrictions. Campgrounds across the U.S. are seeing increases and it’s believed the surge will continue for the foreseeable future.

In June 2020, RV sales were up 11% year over year which was the best month for sales in nearly two years. In addition, there is an increase in younger buyers and first time buyers. The camping industry as a whole has seen an increase with increased concerns about hotel cleanliness during the pandemic.

With recreational vehicle insurance, it includes coverage for low hanging branches that can cause damage.  Insurance will also include hazards you may not see when backing up as well as water damage. Motor homes suffer roof damage when traveling often without the owner knowing. To keep your passengers and vehicle safe, motor home insurance is there to protect you.

Tary Insurance

We are a full service insurance agency operating in Las Vegas for more than 25 years. With a family owned mindset, we offer personalized service and complete coverage for almost any vehicle. When thinking of purchasing a motor home or covering one you already own, call Tary Insurance for a free quote today.