Distracted driving in Las Vegas is a common problem because distraction are very common . Accidents cause great property damage and bodily injury. As a Las Vegas based insurance agency, we see the result of distracted driving every day. Our hope is to educate the public about the types of distractions so we are more aware in the future.

Annually there are nearly three thousand distracted driving fatalities in the United States according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Association. These fatalities included drivers, passengers, pedestrians and bicyclists.

There are four types of distracted driving:


When we see something that takes our eyes off the road we become distracted. This includes other cars, pedestrians, advertisements etc. Keeping our eyes on the road keeps us safe.


When we hear something not related to the driving process impairs our driving. This includes cell phone rings from passengers, horns from cars not in our travel lane and other noises.


When we are touching something other than the steering wheel we almost always put ourselves in danger. Texting while driving, eating a meal or adjusting the radio, are all considered distractions.


Thinking about something other than driving or day dreaming is also harmful. Driving is a complex process and the driver has a responsibility to keep their attention on the road. Focus on the road the cars in front of you.

The outlined distractions seem very straight forward and easy to recognize. While driving, we keep each other safer by reducing the number of distractions. While hands free devices and blue tooth have made driving easier, not every vehicle is equipped.

At Tary Insurance, we care about all drivers on the road. Let’s look out for each other and be conscious of our actions behind the wheel. Thank you for your consideration Las Vegas.