Las Vegas insurance planning is what we do at the Tary Insurance Agency. We help families and individuals look at insurance options that best fit their needs. Because everyone’s needs vary, we prefer to meet in person and discuss the options, making sure we have every detail covered. Insurance is planning for the future as well as the unexpected.


The make, model, age of the driver and how many drivers of a vehicle are factors that determine the annual and monthly premium of an auto policy. Insuring more than one vehicle in a household also contributes to the premium. Identifying drivers is a key factor, especially as children reach driving age.

Deductibles also contribute to the overall cost of the policy. While a higher deductible and lower premium are the goal, newer cars require more repair when damaged. New cars have more electronics, sensors and computers to help us stay safe, and this results in higher repair costs in an accident.

Meeting with an insurance agent is the best way to find the proper auto coverage keeping you and your family covered in case of an accident.


Residential insurance is a must when renting or owning a home. Renter’s insurance covers personal property when there is a fire, theft an unforeseen damage to the unit. For a small monthly premium, property gets covered providing piece of mind.

In the case of homeowners insurance, the policy covers the structure and belongings. While there are other options to cover in a policy, these are the basics. The policy generally covers theft or fire and replacement costs if the structure is damaged. Again, there are several factors resulting in a final premium number therefore, meeting with a Tary Insurance agent is the best option.

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