Las Vegas driving safety tips are meant to provide young drivers with a reference guide. Please share with any young driver on the road in Las Vegas.


Parking in a crowded lot can be intimidating. When possible, find two empty spots and pull all the way through. When pulling out of the spot you’ll be able to see all traffic in front of you. This helps young drivers avoid accidents that occur when backing out.

If pulling through a spot is not available, be sure to check both ways before backing out. Back out of the spot slowly while continuing to check the area for oncoming vehicles.

Four Way Stops

Four-way stops are often a source of many questions for all drivers. When do I go and who has the right of way?

Part of driving safety is to know the rules of the road. When arriving to the intersection at the same time, we are yielding to the driver on the right. If there is no driver to your right, ensure a clear path by checking cross traffic, then proceed through the intersection.

Drivers going straight in the travel lane have the right of way before drivers turning across traffic. Carful when you proceed through the intersection as some drivers get confused and cross in front of oncoming traffic.

Distracted Driving

Driving while using a cell phone or other distractions is dangerous. While illegal in the State of Nevada to handle a cell phone while driving, some choose to break the law. Use hands free when possible and be sure to put your cell phone away while driving.

Other distractions include, but are not limited to, eating and drinking, talking to passengers, reading, using a GPS and personal grooming. 

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