Recreational vehicle accessory insurance is a real thing. RV policies can include what’s called accessory coverage. Accessories are things that you attach or install after the RV leaves the factory — like awnings, cargo pods, bike racks, generators, and entertainment systems. Your Tary agent can help you add each accessory to your policy as a line item, so you can be assured that your RV is covered exactly as it is today.

You may have other equipment you want to insure, even though it isn’t installed. I’m talking about outdoor furniture, portable grilles, small appliances and the like. These items fall under the category of personal property and can be covered under the “contents” portion of your RV policy. Note that some high-value items might need to be listed individually on your policy. Be sure to review the contents of your RV with your agent, so that your belongings can be covered the way you want.

Auto, Home & Life

When insuring auto, home or adding life insurance, we have every option to keep you covered. Our team insures hundred of new clients each week and we can’t wait to help you too. From a new car to a first-time driver, we offer the coverage limits are right for you. Of course, protecting your home is also essential. We’ll talk through your needs and provide the best options for full coverage. Some factors affecting rates are construction materials, location and what you have in your home. Allow us to provide an estimate on protecting your investment.

Recreational Vehicle Accessory Insurance with Tary Insurance

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